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4Aluna aims to give back in some way to every destination we visit through supporting individuals, groups, and organizations with sustainable practices, staying in ecological hotels, and donating our time or financial resources to select volunteer programs that are contributing to the conservation of the local environment, indigenous peoples, and wildlife. It is crucial to us that our money is going into the hands of those with values that are aligned to ours and who truly uphold proper ethical and eco-conscious standards. 


For us, our travels have been motivated by a few key elements - fun, regeneration, healing, and growth. The intention behind why we love to travel has gone beyond our personal expansion to now encompass sustainability, purpose, and a give back mentality. This shift from “what can I get” to “what can I give”, allows for deeper cultural immersion, positive environmental impact, and immense personal fulfillment. We are sharing our journey to expand the way people think and travel. 

If you love our vision and want to help 4Aluna continue to grow you can support our project here

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

- Newton's Third Law


Aluna is beyond a word, it is the fundamental belief system of the Kogi, a pre-Colombian indigenous tribe of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.


Aluna is the first mother, the spirit, the source of all - a cosmic consciousness that is the mind of nature, the source of all life and collective intelligence. Aluna is self-aware and Aluna is alive.


We first encountered Aluna when we traveled to Tayrona in Colombia and had the honor of participating in a spiritual ceremony led by a Kogi Mamo (spiritual priest) on the day of our engagement. During our stay, we learned about the beliefs and traditions of the Kogi people and were able to visit an untouched village where one group lives in the jungle of Tayrona National Park.


The name 4Aluna (for-Aluna) is an homage to Valentina’s indigenous roots, to our sacred earth, and to the cosmic intelligence, Mother of all.

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