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We are Sophia and Valentina, a couple who met in New York City in 2017. Originally from New York and Cali Colombia, respectively.


We share a deep passion for travel, exploration, spirituality,  nature, and living with intention. When not traveling, you can find us at a metal concert, spending as much time outdoors as possible, listening to podcasts, singing karaoke & dancing salsa (Valentina), at the gym (Sophia), looking for UFO's, or cuddling animals. 


Our life experiences individually and as a couple led us to a place where we felt ready to minimize our material possessions, leave our home, jobs, and the lives we had built in New York City and venture on a new journey. A journey of learning and growth to immerse ourselves in nature and different cultures, to connect with strangers we meet around the world, and reconnect to ourselves.


We are excited to have this space to share our adventure and the things we care about- the best sustainable places to stay, volunteer programs, and organizations that are bettering our planet.

We hope our path and the information we gather along the way will resonate and inspire others to look inward as we are, at how we live and specifically how we travel, which in turn will create a positive impact on the world at large.


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