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One of the most renowned Caribbean travel destinations, the Dominican Republic, part of Hispaniola Island, has more blue flag beaches than any other Caribbean country! Other sights include perfect beaches such as El Valle and Playa Rincon, tropical rainforests, cascading waterfalls, whale-watching excursions, and mangrove forests.

The best time to visit is between December-April during the dry season which still warm enough for swimming, snorkeling, hiking, and other outdoor activities. This is also a great season to go whale watching, as many humpback whales are migrating through Samana Bay. 


Beautiful naturescapes, endless adventures, national rum drinks, and friendly people make it an ideal place for any kind of vacation you want. Exploring Las Galeras and El Valle is a must! 

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One of the best places to start exploring the Dominican Republic is El Valle, a tiny village about 8 kilometers from Sabana de la Mar.


This is a MAGICAL beach on the Dominican Republic's Samana Bay and a MUST.

Enjoy playing in the waves or a deep meditation on the sand at this special location!

You can book a Playa Ermitaño tour, which will take you to the beach in 25 minutes. We booked our eco friendly tour through El Valle Lodge. You can also take a 15-minute boat ride to another gorgeous beach called Playa Onda.


If you enjoy hiking and are looking for something not too strenuous, the 2.5km El Limon Waterfall Hike is the one for you.

To reach this beautiful waterfall, you will walk through lush green forests, mountainous regions, and exotic wildlife of the Dominican Republic. 

You can also arrange for a fun canyoning adventure to visit the waterfall via the El Limon River.

Additionally, you can do birdwatching to see many creatures such as the Hispaniolan woodpecker, the Dominican Republic's national bird.

When you arrive at El Limon Waterfall, swim or simply relax in the olive-green pools allowing the waters to cool you and reenergize you. 

Playa Fronton, Playa Madama, Playa Rincon_edited.png


El Valle Beach is another must-see destination in the Dominican Republic. This golden sand beach spreads for 4 kilometers.


The beach is uncrowded, but there are fishermen at work here, catching and bringing in fish from the sea. It gives you a good idea of

the local way of life as well as the beauty that El Valle and

Samana Peninsula has to offer.

You can simply walk along the beach, hike up the green valleys, or go for a swim at sunset. Keep close to the shores because the waves can be a little rough depending on the season.

Alternatively, you can take a boat to Ermitaño Beach from El Valle Beach, which is a 5-minute walk from El Valle lodge. Watch the incredible sunset and play with all the good boyssssss (dogs) on the beach.


On that note, we recommend that you stay at El Valle Lodge during your visit. It is very convenient because it is only 300 meters from the beach.

Imagine how incredible it would be to wake up in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by birdsong and stunning views of the sea.

This is a great place to stay for an eco-conscious traveler because it aims to promote sustainable travel practices by not harming the Dominican Republic's ecosystems.

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El valle Lodge DR
El valle Lodge DR


The quaint town of Las Galeras, located in the Samaná Peninsula, is another spectacular beach destinations of the Dominican Republic, with its trio of pristine beaches named Playa Fronton, Playa Madama, and Playa Rincon. Make sure to hire a local so that you have an incredible boat excursion to these three beaches.

Playa Fronton, Playa Madama, Playa Rincon


With its white sands, turquoise blue waters, and coconut-fringed shoreline at the foot of a 90- meter hill, this  beach only accessible by boat from Las Galeras, is a sight to behold. You can either climb the rocks or go snorkeling in the waters of Playa Forton to see the vibrant corals and sea urchins. 

Playa Fronton, Playa Madama, Playa Rincon_edited.jpg


At the smallest of the three, you can snorkel at this crescent-shaped beach with turquoise which has colorful corals, black sea urchins, and other fish species.  Explore Playa Madama's hidden caves, particularly the one used to film the "Survivor" series.

Playa Fronton, Playa Madama, Playa Rincon


 Playa Ricon is a remote beach shares features with the other two Las Galeras beaches, with white sands, clear waters, and coconut trees. It has been named one of the top ten most stunning beaches in the world by Condé Nast Traveler. 


Los Haitises National Park is the Dominican Republic's most popular national park, known for its series of 30-meter-high rock formations projecting out of the water, and the highest concentrations of petroglyphs and pictographs in the country.


Another interesting fact is that it was once used as a filming location for the Jurassic Park movie! Today, you can go hiking, birdwatching, and kayaking in the national park. 


You can expect to see bird species such as the Hispaniolan Woodpecker, Hispaniolan Emerald, Ridgway's Hawk, Hispaniolan Piculet, and even dolphins and Manatees in its mangrove system.


The park is very dedicated to conservation and raising awareness of Mangrove ecosystems. It is critical to maintaining the Dominican Republic's natural balance because mangroves protect coastal areas, prevent soil erosion, and provide a safe home for many different types of fish, birds, and plants.

Los Haitises National Park
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