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4Aluna is a project born from our desire to promote

conscious and purposeful travel.


Through the transformative and enriching experiences that travel offers, we have come to see the importance of not simply taking for our own enjoyment, and we began to ask ourselves


 "How are we impacting this place?

We hope our path and the information we gather to share along this journey will resonate and inspire others to also look inward at how they travel, where their money is going, and how they live, which in turn will create a positive impression on the world at large.

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To encourage mindful travel and inspire awareness that we have an opportunity to preserve nature and foster meaningful friendships where we lay our footprints.



Explore organizations creating an impact

Tropical Leaves



Where will you have me go?

What will you have me do?

What would you have me say and to whom?

-  A Course in Miracles

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Join us as we discover incredible sustainable accommodations that are doing their part to create an impact by supporting environmental conservation,

social development, and local economies. 

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